The Values On Education: The Influence Of Education

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What does it mean to when people hear the word education? Do they think just because it’s important and needed for life? Which it is important, but it 's more values just meaning it’s important in life. Then there are others that say you wouldn’t be anything in life if you don’t have an education. However, this is true also but there are other people with education and don’t use it so would they be nothing in life? The argument could go back and forth but the most important thing about education is how well were you train and making progress with your knowledge. Just because someone has an education and don’t use it doesn’t mean their life is over. It just mean they still deciding where they want to take their life and what direction is better for them. All college students and athlete students take their education serious how they…show more content…
This means a lot towards the women want to take their education seriously because it can cause lots of distraction that can lead you in a different path. This why she challenges the women because she know it 's hard to stay focus while it 's a lot of stuff going on when it comes to their education. However, Rich said “Many history classes and other areas of life and learning, women experiences have been overlooked or erased”. An example she uses is that books are titled “The History of Man”.
This a great example to show other people that women 's experiences and their education have been erased back in the days and still erased today. Why is this reason still going on today? Is because the men trying to make a point that men are smarter than women? If this is the case then it is wrong because both genders are getting the same education, but learning at a different level. Rich made a good point by saying, “All this hard work, but men and women shouldn’t be afraid of it”

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