Sojourner Truth Speech

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In the speech, "Ain't I a Woman?" Sojourner Truth gives examples of how she was robbed of womanhood and the amazing gift of motherhood. As a slave in the late 1700's to early 1800's, Truth is used for manual labor. Many people would expect Truth has gained others respect due to her unyielding work as a slave, but in reality all she wants is the respect of being a mother. The time period in which this speech is given gives Sojourner Truth the opportunity to explain her relations with white men and women and testify to the unequal treatment she has received. During Truth's speech she demands men's respect by alluding to nasty comments they recite throughout her speech and addressing these misconceptions. Although times have changed and women…show more content…
He mentions how far women have come since his grandmother's day, but realizes the country as a whole has more room to grow. He mentions how tough it can be for women to juggle a demanding career while raising a family. Both text reference what honor motherhood is but they also admit the demanding workforce can determine how successful a mother they can be. Women today may not face slavery, but they face double standards that limit them to be successful professionals and parents. Throughout Sojourner Truths speech she makes several claims about stereotypes, motherhood, hard work, and her relationships with white men and women. By stating she's got robbed of the opportunity to become a mother shows how unfair life in the early 1800's was for women but more importantly African-American females. Throughout history there have been many stories of slaves giving birth and not being allowed to raise their kids or worse their kids being sold to another family. Truth states, "I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother's grief, none but Jesus…show more content…
Motherhood is the main point of focus in both forms of text. While is Truth's speech she talks about motherhood being robbed from her due to slavery, Obama talks about Michelle's motherhood being stolen by her career. Both of these examples are heart breaking and sorrowful because as a women becoming a mother is one of the greatest gifts of all time. As far as the workforce goes Truths labor is back breaking manual labor that causes a disconnect in her womanhood Michelle's work is tedious, time consuming, and can cut into time with her children. Another important similarity in both of these text are the stereotypes. Truths are racial stereotypes and Michelle’s are gender. All of the similarities in the text give the reader an insight on how women feel on a daily basis because we can be robbed of motherhood, be pressured in our workforce, and have stereotypes put on us. Although these texts were written in different time periods they show the reader women go through many of the same struggles women went through 100's of years ago today. Both of these figures, Truth and Michelle are very strong women who know how to impact a large group of people to make them realize that stereotypes of women are cruel and the world should learn to move on and unite as a whole to create a stronger more effect community.
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