The Use of Internet for Study and School

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Students are the future of society. They work hard and study for long hours using the Internet as their greatest study tool. Or do they? With new distractions popping up every day on the Internet, are students really using this as a tool for school or are they working harder on their Facebook pages? The Internet is a valuable source of knowledge; however, it is being shaped into a place for entertainment and games. So does Internet access affect students in schools in a positive or negative way? Will this affect the future of our society?
On the subject of how internet affects students in school, teacher are mainly impartial. Many teachers (99%), as said by, do agree that “the internet enables students to access a wider range of resources than would otherwise be available” (para 9). Also, 77% say that “having access to today’s ‘digital tools’ has had a ‘mostly positive’ effect on kids these days when it comes to researching their work” (para 3). However, many of these teacher (64%) say that the Internet is “doing more harm than good when it comes to a student’s academic pursuits” (Harper, 2012, para 4). So is it bad or good for students to be using such a highly controversial topic in schools?
Although, there have been many positive advantages of technology and Internet access in schools. Children that have had problems getting distracted or have low motivation in class have had positive effects with internet access incorporated in the teaching program. Michael Harper (2012), a web journalist, credited the Pew group for conducting a survey that found evidence that the Internet helps students that get easily distracted pay attention. In the survey, 87% of teachers said that “for all good the Internet ha...

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... still remains. Does this hurt or help students now? This will be hopefully found through research using some of the same techniques that the sources themselves have used. This will answer the questions that have puzzled many people for quite sometime.

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