The United States Welfare Programs

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In the United States welfare system or social programs are a broad collection of many programs with corresponding mandates and complicated, and poorly managed rules about eligibility, benefit level and subject to fraud and abuse. The most appealing way to reduce the welfare misuse, and exploitation, while increasing the productivity of the programs, government should not loosen the restrictions on the welfare but furthermore strict it in more effective strategy, for the purpose of weeding out those who abuse Social programs, particularly the cash assistance, food stamps, housing assistance and Medicaid.

Welfare is defined as a process or social effort intended to promote the basic physical and material well being of people in need. (Webster) Welfare or social programs in the United States is way that the federal or the local government provides supports for those who are less fortunate in every society or communities. The Social program in the USA has wide-ranging parts and includes several forms of public assistance. To name a few of this programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and food and nutrition programs (SNAP), Medical Assistance Welfare Benefits, Welfare Benefits for People with Disabilities. The history of welfare in the U.S. began in the early days, but it become more operational when Great Depression hit, many families suffered the economic collapse although the great depression affected everyone different, those who are effected the most are the working class and those who couldn’t support them self. The government stepped in to solve the problem and great majority of the population seek help from the government for any sources of assistance. The federal government created many programs to ...

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...ty net and those who misusing of the system. By loosen restrictions on welfare benefits will make system unsuccessful, also it will increase the caseload of the recipients, and it will create dependency.


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