The United States Of The Civil Rights Movement

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The United States of America is a young country with an incredibly storied history. So many major, historical events have occurred on this soil that have shaped the country and the people living in it into what it is today. One of the most crucial chapters in understanding American culture is the aspect of black history, specifically the civil rights movement. This aspect of our collective history occurred not too long ago, yet had a tremendous impact on life in the United States. The Southern United States, which is one of the most culturally rich areas of the nation, was ground zero for this battle for equality. Two of the prominent names to emerge from this battle were southern activists who came from very different walks of life: Will Campbell and Memphis Tennessee Garrison. Both Campbell and Garrison came from cultures that shaped their views and impacted their lives to the point where activism within the civil rights movement became their defining feature. Will Campbell and Memphis Tennessee Garrison were both born and raised in the South during a time of racial segregation. Campbell, a white southern man, was raised in Amite County, Mississippi and lived there in his early ages of life. Garrison, an African American Appalachian woman, lived in Southern West Virginia. Campbell was raised by both his mother and father and had two brothers and a sister. Garrison, on the other hand, father died when she was young and was raised by her mother along with her younger brother. It was Garrison’s mother who had a huge impact on her life and played an inspirational role. Will Campbell’s older brother Joe was his best friend for their whole lives and always supported everything he did no matter what the possible consequence... ... middle of paper ... ...e did not hate the Klan nor did love African Americans more than others. He simply wanted people of all races to be able to live in society of equality together and overcome racial segregation and prejudice. In the end, it is obvious that both these people, Will Campbell and Memphis Tennessee Garrison, lead extraordinary and impactful lives. Each of them played a crucial role, in their own way, towards the progression of civil rights and the betterment of the nation as a whole. Their activism and later documentation of their actions in their respective novels left the world with inspiring examples of how to create the change one wishes to see. In conclusion, both Garrison and Campbell have shown that no matter what culture or background one comes from, if the cause is just, any obstacle can be overcame and any dream, no matter how grand, can be accomplished.
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