The United States Longest War

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The Cold War: the United States longest war lasting more than 40 years. Due the relative age the Cold War ended less than 20 years ago. The Cold War was America’s opposition to communist worldview. Wars were fought on many diverse fronts, ranging from actual wars in Korea and Vietnam to providing economic aid to allies of the free World. The Cold War dealt with the expansion and the stockpile of nuclear weapons and a diverse methods on how they should be delivered. The Cold War dates from Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech, “The British and the American shall walk together”. Communist East Germany was held behind a wall keeping them from going to the free West Germany, 1947 to the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. In 1950, the United States gave aid France to conquer the Country of Vietnam. The Civil Rights Movement was on the rise with a 1957 March on Washington, “Give us the Ballot”. The two superpowers of the world, Russia and United States were in a military and political competition.

The first military conflict, Russia Prime Minister Stalin and the United States President Truman join together in force, forcing Japan out of Korea. In this conflict, if Russia and the United States defeat Japan. The two superpowers will split the Country of Korea, the North will be govern by Communist Russia and China. The South Govern by The Free Nation, United States. After Russia and the U.S.A left out of North and South Korea. The north invaded the south model after the United States. North Korea model as communist Russia and china. Not until the North took over the Seoul South Korea, then did the United States provide military relief. Over 30,000 American lives were lost on a political move.

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... middle of paper ... a chess game, by negotiation not a straight attack, supposed to Cuba who was used as a pawn. Over ten years of war in Vietnam, to accomplish nothing, respect the vote of the people, Communist rule or Capitalism values. Is America way to rule, the right way to rule a country? Russia has a zero percentage of homeless people because each citizen was given a home. In America we pay thirty years for a house, while doing repairs, when a person dies the house is remortgaging to the next 30 year buyer. The cold war was a strategic method of psychological war larger countries invading smaller countries and telling the people it’s for your own good.

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