The Troposphere And The 5 Layers Of The Stramosphere

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There are five layers of the atmosphere, the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere,the thermosphere, and the exosphere. These five layers all have a purpose which is to shield earth and protect the things on it to make it survivable. They are all in order and all have a purpose which I will be talking about. The troposphere is 11km above earth's surface and is the layer which contains the things we need to survive. It is known as the disturbed layer because all the weather changes take place in this layer, it is the lowest level in which we live and go through everyday life in. The troposphere provides several important benefits it holds nearly all of the water vapor in the earth's atmosphere, regulates temperature and produces weather but it also contains gassed such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The excess…show more content…
Temperature increases sharply but then becomes more steady as you travel further up, the air density is so low in this layer that we normally consider it as outer space. In the thermosphere gases collide so infrequently that they become separated based on the chemical elements they contain, in the thermosphere atomic oxygen, atomic nitrogen, and helium are the three chemicals that the air is made of in that layer. This layer absorbs most of the dangerous chemicals the sun gives off like radiation. In the thermosphere it is much like the ocean it has waves and tides that move energy around from place to place. Then the last layer which would be the exosphere which is located right above the thermosphere. Air in the atmosphere is super thin and it begins to just fade into space there is no other layer above the exosphere. Because the exosphere fades into space it has no end and many don't believe in this being a layer of the atmosphere for that very reason, there is not much information based on the exosphere because it is considered to be

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