The Three Moment

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The Buddha discusses “The Three Moments” and the path to liberation as “graduated training”. As well as how they are connected to each other. Graduated training simply means steps, the steps to liberation. The three moments is what gets you through to liberation. These steps are shown through various amounts of similes from the Buddha, from the lotus flower, the heartwood, or the elephant footprint. You will soon understand the relation between “The Three Moments” through “graduated training.” Firstly, understanding the three moments means a great deal. The three moments are, realization of gratification, danger and escape – in the conditioned world. You have to understand the present condition in order to get past it. Gratification is the joy and pleasure with experience when we succeed in fulfilling our desires. (Bodhi, 2005, pg. 186) Danger is to take the world as permanent, predictable, and satisfactory when in fact it is; impermanent, unpredictable and unsatisfactory. Escape is the removal of craving and losing oneself in distractions (Bodhi, 2005, pg. 187) Craving can be anything from wanting to be wealthy and be in a higher class to just wanting to be enlightened. The three moments are also connect to the Four Noble Truths. Gratification infers the second noble truth from the four noble truths, for happiness and enjoyment stimulate craving, which is the origin of suffering. And the truth of suffering is directly danger. And the end to all suffering would be escape, which also infers the Noble Eightfold Path, the fourth truth, the way to the end of suffering. (Bodhi, 2005, pg. 187) This all means everything is leading to each other, the gradual steps of realization of the three moments in the conditioned world. The three mom... ... middle of paper ... ... – but they really won’t matter to you anymore. The questions are irrelevant to liberation, they do not change the three aspects of human condition; how will it change the fact that I am aging, decaying, dying. And they will not help the suffering and the release from it. It does not do to dwell on these questions when they are not relevant to your helping. All in all, The Three Moments and graduated training have a very strong interconnection which now is brought clearly to your attention. You must understand gratification, danger, and escape in order to escape it all and to move on to the unconditioned world. But not without the help of graduated training and taking the steps to achieve each understanding and to escape from it. Only then can you get on the path to liberation. From knowledge to practice – from the mundane right view to the supamundane right view.
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