The Theory Of Lesbianism In Charlotte Bunch's 'He For She'

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Charlotte Bunch created the theory of lesbianism, which destroys the male structured world that defines every woman’s life. “He For She” is a social movement created to benefit the entire world’s population in the push for equality. Using the work of Charlotte Bunch, this paper analyzes the campaign of “He For She.” In this male-dominated society, lesbianism is only considered a sexual act. Men tend to only think of women in a sexual desire and not as an equal. According to Bunch, men do not even see lesbians as real women because “a real woman is one who gets fucked by men.” (Page 129) She uses the vulgar terming in order to explain that a man only desires a woman for her body; not to make love but to dominate. Women are important…show more content…
Since the heterosexual relationship is a political choice due to its power and dominance from the man to the woman, the lesbian defies the long-standing system. But, of course, not all woman-identified-woman recognize that they are fighting the oppressive society. Many of these women are also not interested in fighting the male dominancy. According to Bunch, many lesbians do not understand that, just by not going along with the “normal” heterosexual relationship, they still do not escape the female oppression. “…The lesbian, who escapes male dominance in her private home, receives it doubly at the hands of male society.” (Page…show more content…
Instead of working with each other and helping each other, women compete against each other for the ultimate prize: a man’s love and a man’s social standing. The society does not give women many privileges unless they give up their freedom for a man, but not when they give up their freedom for a woman. Mothers and significant others are socially accepted and they are given economic security. When a woman is walking down the street, she will get cat-called while alone or with other females, but she will be left alone if she is with her man. Lesbians do not receive these privileges due to having “…little vested interest in maintaining the present political system since all of its institutions—church, state, media, health, schools—work to keep her down.” (Page

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