The Theme of Racial Prejudice in Short Stories

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The Theme of Racial Prejudice in Short Stories Racial prejudice is a form of discrimination. In the short stories "Country Lovers" and "The Gold Cadillac" there are some good examples of it. In both the stories the black people are being discriminated against because they are black and they are "different" and are "not as well off" white people. "Country Lovers" is set in South Africa, and there are black and white people living largely separate lives under apartheid. At a young a age the black and white children all play together as if they were all the same. This is because the pressure of society does not influence them. However, when the white children go to school, "The soon don't play together any more even in the holidays". This is because society and the "Vocabulary of boarding school" have influenced then to believe that the white people are superior to black people. The black children do go to different and weaker schools and they fall behind. By the age of twelve or thirteen they begin to address the white children (their old playmates) as "Missus and Bassie-little master". The white boy in the story (Paula Eysendyck) did not realize that Thebedi (a young black girl) was one of the crowd at the kraal. She was in his sisters clothes. This shows that the black children are given clothes that the white children would not wear anymore. It also shows that they are not of the same "social status". They used to meet secretly because they feared what people would say if they saw the educated white boy with the black farm girl "Down at the dried-up river bed" was where they usually met. This is because they were hidden from view. They would sometimes me at the boy's house, But only when his parents were out. This also shows she's scared to be seen by Paules' parents: "there was a risk of someone would discover her or a trace of her presence". Later on in the story she is looking in at Paules' house and compares
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