The Theme Of Dying In The Romance Of Tristan And Iseult

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Dying with a broken heart

Dying is a part of life. Some people may die at a young age, when they are old and senile, and others may die of unforeseen circumstance. Which every may be the reason a person dies, everyone eventually dies. Unfortunately, when someone passes away the possibility of leaving a loved one behind is rather high. They can leave behind children, parents, siblings, and even spouses. When someone passes away it can take a toll on their love ones, and they, in fact, may be over whelmed with grief. Well, in The Romance of Tristan and Iseult, Tristan sends for his love, his mistress, so that she can comfort him as he starts to pass on. When the ship is in sight Tristan is too weak to look at the color of the sail and …show more content…

If one takes a look at the medieval times, this era would not doubt dying of grief. People in the medieval time had rituals they would display like, laying down forming a cross with their bodies, laying on their backs so that their faces are always pointed towards heaven, and some even turned facing the wall, when they felt that death was upon them. In Western Attitudes Towards Death: From the Middle Ages to the Present, Philippe Aries goes on to explain, “The old attributed in which death was both familiar and near, evoking no great fear or awe, offers too marked a contrast to ours, where death is so frightful that we dare not utter its name” (Aries 13). This goes to show that times have changed since the medieval times, the perception of death has changed to where people become more frighten of dying and add more connotations to the word death. Therefore, the western attitudes today would probably throw out the concept “dying of grief,” especially if it is an instant death like the one Iseult and Tristan

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