The Synthesis In The Delhi Sultanate Period

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The Synthesis in the Delhi Sultanate Period

The Delhi Sultanate was is the first Islamic state to be established in India, including 5 very short dynasties. Before being controlled by England, India was under the controlled by of Muslim Politics. By affecting the architecture, music, literature, religion and clothing, the Sultanate has generated the period of Indian cultural renaissance.[1] This article seeks to offer an analysis of whether the culture influence that was brought by the Delhi Sultanate on the culture development of the India culture at that time ishas a positive or negative. influence on the culture development of the India culture at that time.

Indian cultureal, like the social economy has been affected by being controlled by Muslim Politics in 19th century. Before the entering of Muslims, Indian is was a sell-sufficient village. It is the coming of the Muslims that enforces the emergence of their Indian’s private property concept, it rapidly got into the original sell-sufficient India community. The system of land tax,the tendency towards maximizing state demand in the Delhi Sultanate, the imperial ruling elite’s attitude and other new strategies brought by the invading Muslims have generated a new situation in economy of India which is different from both its original situation and y also different from that of the Islamic world outside of India. The culture synthesis between Muslims and Indians in the 19th century has in prepareding a favorable cultural climate for the expansion of trade and commerce.[2]
In other culturale area, the benefits brought by the Muslims culture are also obvious. In the area of medicine, the Aral Muslims had maintained the public institutions and used some of them as hospitals. Th...

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...ury. Indian could have more choices in the religion area and accordingly both sides of people, the ones who believeing in Muslims and the ones who believeing in Hindus, is are Indians rather than aliens.[4]

With the starting of the Delhi Sultanate, the culture synthesis in all areas of culture, such as religions, economy and medical have been witnessed. The coming of Muslims has generated many developments and changes in the India. As a result, the Iindo- Islamic has become a blend of Hinduism and IslamMuslim, which is different from both the pure Hindu and or the pure Islam. The culturale outcome has triggered more options for Indian in choosing their religions and altered the economic situation in India. It has also generated lots of synthesis in other culture areas, such as medical area, which has become an important milestone in the historical legacy of India.