The Swish of Angel Wings

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1007 words

The Swish of Angel Wings A young mother was standing in the kitchen making breakfast one spring morning. Her little garden was in full bloom with fresh flowers and the smell of honey suckles filled the air. It seemed as thought winter had finally passed and spring was here. As she looked out the window into the backyard, she noticed that the garden gate had been left open. Her little three-year-old daughter, Lindsay, had toddled through the gate and was sitting there on the railroad tracks playing with the gravel as if it was a perfectly safe and sensible place to play. The mother's heart stopped and panic took over her body when she saw a train coming around the bend and heard its whistle. As she raced from the house screaming her daughter's name at the top of her lungs praying that she would get there in time or that Lindsay would hear her, she suddenly saw a striking figure, clothed in pure white, lifting Lindsay off the tracks and into safety. While the train passed, this being stood by the tracks with an arm around the mother's precious little girl. Together they watched the train go by. When the mother reached her daughter's side, Lindsay was standing alone (Smith). Throughout recorded history, angels have touched mankind. People have admired and feared; welcomed and shunned; honored and rebuked; conversed with and ignored them. Angels have been described as stunning, awesome, wondrous to behold, and so ordinary as to pass unnoticed amidst a crowd. Man has noted warring angels and peaceful angels: they have been declared both improbable and undeniable. Despite what anyone may think of angels the topic has made its way into people's hearts and lives; angels are still a constant belief and comfort to many. In the Bible there are angels to be read about from Genesis in the Old Testament to the last chapter of Revelations in the New Testament. Angels are mentioned more than three hundred times in the Bible playing many crucial roles: carrying out God's commands; forming a heavenly court; and protecting and bringing messages to people (Anderson 8). The word angel comes from the Latin word angelus, the Greek word angols, and the Hebrew word mal' ha; translated these words mean messenger and one who is sent (Charlesworth). "For the angels are only spirit-messengers sent out to help and care for those who are to receive salvation" (Heb.

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how the mother's heart stopped and panic took over her body when she saw a train coming around the bend and heard its whistle.
  • Explains how angels have touched mankind throughout recorded history. people have admired and feared them, welcomed and shunned them and honored them. angels are stunning, awesome, wondrous to behold.
  • Analyzes how the topic of angels has made its way into people's hearts and lives; they are a constant belief and comfort to many.
  • Explains that angels are mentioned more than three hundred times in the bible. they carry out god's commands, form a heavenly court, and protect and bring messages to people.
  • Explains that there are three purposes of angels: to worship god, to serve as heralds between god and his people on earth, and to act as the caretakers of god's people.
  • Explains that angelic duties include the virtues work miracles on earth, and the powers protect people from demons. the principalities and archangels minister and guard people.
  • Explains that god created angels as magnificent spirits to surround his throne, and subjected them to a trial of obedience. lucifer rebelled at the thought of someone being higher than him.
  • Recounts how michael and his angels battled with the dragon, and they did not prevail, neither was their place found any more in heaven. the ancient serpent led astray the whole world.
  • Explains that the archangel michael led the other angels in a victory for heaven and god resulting in the opinion theologians have that michael surpasses the glory and power of all others.
  • Explains that more than one half of americans believe in angels and one in seven believe they have had a personal encounter with an angel. people vary in their willingness to trust in the supernatural.
  • Explains that the promise of god to send angels to protect and rescue each of his children is a faithful pact. they guard people from danger or drift in and out of their lives to help them at fortuitous moments.
  • Explains that the bible tells that when god has a special work to accomplish, he often sends an angel.
  • Explains that many stories of angel encounters involve deathbeds, where those keeping vigil see radiance on the face of the dying one, and people who have changed an individual's life.
  • Opines that angels are present in the hearts and minds of many. the message of the angel is one of peace and love.
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