The String Theory Is A Solution To The String Theory

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For over 30 years string theory has been a major focus in the field of theoretical physics. Since the late 1970s string theory has been proposed by scientists as the solution to the unification problem. Proponents of string theory hail its elegance in uniting the four major forces into one, single theory. Despite its history, and the amount of time that has been spent researching it, string theory is yet to make a single testable prediction. Further, string theory does not describe anything new in nature, it is merely part of the unification program, intent on reducing nature to its most simple constituent. While this aim sounds logical, it acts upon the bold metaphysical idea that nature is simple and that it is possible to describe the basic forces in a single, elegant theory. Further, string theory has not remained a progressive research program. The majority of time is spent by researchers attempting to reconcile internal problems within the theory.

In the most general sense, string theory is in principle falsifiable. In practice however, this is not the case. When notable experiments have failed it has been regularly claimed that it is not due to the invalidity of the theory, but rather due to the current technological constraints. What follows is whether the experiments are failing as a result of being incorrect, or because our capacity to run the tests is not great enough. Though, even when the tests did ‘fail’ the direct implication is that the failure is a result of a failure of the technology, rather than the theory. In either situation, string theory averts falsifiability by adjusting its theory to remain plausible. When faced with the mathematical failing of the theory in 4 dimensions it was altered so as to describe ...

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...ibly be wrong. Indeed, that is our basic argument for science, the understanding that what we hold as fact could be disproven. In this way, if an area of study does not allow itself to be disproven, as it has been shown that string theory does, we will struggle to hold it as scientific knowledge. Further, at this point string theory holds no predictive power in terms of being testable now, or in the foreseeable future. Moreover, the metaphysical basis upon which string theory is based demonstrates that the basis of a scientific theory upon an untestable basis is not valid science. And while string theory is preoccupied dealing with its internal problems it will stagnate in most areas. In these ways, string theory gives us little reason to believe that it describes the truth of nature. For this reason, string theory, in its current state is not a scientific theory.

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