The Story Of Finding Dory: Finding Nemo

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From the story of a small orange clownfish Nemo, who gets separated from his father to one of a girl who finds out that she has a family who has been searching for her for years. Dory has been known as the comedic character whose life changed the minute she collided with Nemo's father Marlin. Now in this new movie, Dory, a kindhearted blue tang fish, is in search to find her long lost parents who have been looking for her since her departure from the Jewel of Morro Bay in California. Due to Dory having Anterograde amnesia, her memory only last about 10 seconds or so, however she has the ability to retrieve crucial glimpses of memory. When she had left the institution, she had forgotten about her family along with the life she once had. It wasn’t until one day, she vaguely remembered her parents playing hide and seek with her when she was a child. Finding Dory is an amazing film because of the great voice acting, the well…show more content…
Throughout the past years Disney has come out with new and improved movies. Before Finding Dory, there was Finding Nemo, which taught countless children that listening to your parents is a must because they just want to keep their kids safe. After years of work, the sequel to Finding Nemo came out and it was a tremendous success. The first movie focused around Nemo, while the second movie revolved around the person that helped save him from being harmed by a vicious child. Although the first movie ended on a good note, it was still considerable that Pixar came out with a new problem to keep the story line going. As previous characters from the first movie came out, new characters were brought in the story line as well. In the end, the chemistry between the old characters, such as Marlin and Nemo, worked well and added to the plot with the new characters. The story of Dory ended just as it had started, with a fish who had learned to just keep

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