Coraline, the Movie

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The story begins when they moved in to the castle. Coraline´s parents already had their work and had to write a book catalog for a garden store. Coraline seemed to be bored so she told her mother she was but instead of telling her what to do she shouted to her to go and look for something to herself. She went to her father who was also working on the book catalog and told him. He told her to explore the castle and look how many windows and door it had.

Rising Action
Coraline looked for a pen and a paper and started looking. She found her neighbor Mr. B which was trying to do a circus with rats. She found a small door behind their house´s wall locked up. She called her mother for her to open it. Suddenly, when she opened it there was a wall. The door remained open during the night. Coraline already had gone to sleep; she heard the squeak of a mouse around her bedroom door. It was kind of like a kangaroo mouse. It drives her to the small door which was like kind of a tunnel to another world dimension where her parents actually had time for her and worked in other things liked making her life pleasant. After she ate a delicious dinner she went to bed and by the time she waked up she was already at her original home.

It was just a dream, she waked up directly to the door but the wall was there again. She was really confused; she thought she went to that world. This night she was going to put cheese to the mice to see if she could go there again. During the morning she went to the town with her mom and dad to deliver the book catalog to a gardening store and then went to a store to buy her school uniform. Her mother was looking for white and gray dresses then Coraline found some stripped mittens with bright colors. ...

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...that where her parents were. She already knew that her parents were in the snow globe of the Detroit zoo but she told her that they were in the small door so she had time to get the snow globe.

The witch told her she was wrong but Coraline threw her cat of Wybee to her head. Suddenly this dimension started to disappear. The floors turned into a spider web were they both fell. The witch had no eyes now since the cat taked them off. Coraline climbed to the door and the witch followed her. When she got to the door she closed the door locked, disappeared the key and looked for her parents. When her parents came back she talked to them about the garden they had and if they could plant some tulips in it. They invited everyone they knew and had a happily ever after.

My opinion
In my opinion the movie was really tragic were Coraline was looking for her parents.