The Stage of Social Movements

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A social movement is a group of people who are organized to resist or promote a social change (Henslin, 2012). Many social movements die out over time and it may take generations for that to happen. Some like abortion have started many generations ago and are still around today with no signs of the movement ending anytime soon. Abortion has two sides: pro-life and pro-choice. This essay explains the five different stages of a social movement and the opposing sides of abortion.
The five stages of a social movement are initial unrest and agitation, resource mobilization, organization, institutionalization, and decline and death (Henslin, 2012). The first stage is where most social movements end. This stage starts when a group of people who are not happy with an issue and leaders are formed to speak out for this group (Henslin, 2012). Many times the movements fail because they do not have enough support (Henslin, 2012). Abortion has passed this stage because each side (pro-choice and pro-life) was able to have enough support and it is a major issue concerning the life of an unborn c...

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