The Significant Impacts Of Marilyn Monroe's Empowerment Of Women

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The year is 2016, one of radical social and political change. The average, American woman can sport a two-piece bikini at the beach, without a second thought. People have begun to embrace inner sensuality, openly. Sensuality was an amazingly scandalous topic a few decades ago; this manner of expression was made possible by many people, but one person in particular, has made a very significant impact. A woman with platinum hair, sultry lips and an impeccable hour-glass figure made sensuality a quality that women should embrace. Marilyn Monroe’s perseverance through hardships, brilliant use of talents, and establishment as a successful, independent woman, prompted the empowerment of women by bending the norms set by society in the 20th century.
Marilyn Monroe was an undeterred woman through most of her life. Her beginnings were often regarded as exceedingly unfavorable. Born Norma Jeane Morteson, Monroe was daughter to a single, mentally unstable mother and was often subjected to frequent relocation with different foster families. Her early hardships led to her first marriage at age 16 to James Dougherty. He brought Marilyn happiness, an emotion she had not frequently visited in her childhood. During their four years of marriage, James enlisted in the army. Marylin intended to support him, so she took up a job in a factory inspecting parachutes. Marilyn’s life changed when a photographer looking for new models, discovered her; they needed fresh faces to help with
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Her net worth totaled $27 million and her brand is still used very frequently to this day. Monroe was a woman of wonder, loved by millions, and envied by many. She was brilliant, and touched the lives of people everywhere. Her influence can still be seen in fashion, beauty and film. Monroe was an independent bombshell who changed the world

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