The Seven Learning Styles

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The Seven Learning Styles

One of the seven learning styles that this paper will discuss is the bodily kinesthetic intelligence. This is defined by David Kolb as, “the physical movement and knowledge or wisdom of the body” (Kolb 1984). Some of the characteristics that this intelligence includes is being able to perform physical exercises and have control over voluntary movements.. Children who rely on this intelligence to learn have a good sense of the connection between the mind and the body, such as balance, and most achieve high quality body functioning, or athleticism. For teachers, the most effective way to teach to students who rely on the bodily kinesthetic intelligence is to use hands on activities that allow the use of body and the mind simultaneously. Also, allowing this type of learner to move around will also aid the learning process. Activities such as plays or skits get this learner up and actively learning the material. While in movement, being able to use their body to learn will help this type of learner gather and retain information. While physical aspects of learning are suitable for some, others rely more on the mind and the self.

The style of learning that stresses the aspect of reflection and relies more on the self is intra-personal intelligence. This, according to Kolb, “relates to inner states of being, self-reflection, and metacognition that are awakened when we are in situation that cause introspection and require knowledge of the internal aspects of the self, such as awareness of our feelings, thinking processes, self-reflection, and spirituality” (Kolb 1984). Some of the characteristics of this learning style include being able to “pass over” into the perspective of others, being sensitive t...

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