The Sauerkraut Festival

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As I start walking south down sauerkraut enriched Main Street, I get the overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia. This particular weekend is the weekend for the Sauerkraut Festival. The street, being very crowded, has white tents set up on each side of the road with crafts to be sold. Immediately I see wicker baskets and photos that craftsmen are hoping to sell at the festival. As I continue to walk down the crowded street I catch the aroma of cinnamon. The high school wrestling team, which sells one of the non-sauerkraut products, cinnamon roasted almonds, is filling the air with a great scent, and drawing people to the seller’s booth with the scent. Across the street from them, the booth filled with crafts to commemorate firefighters is enjoying the crowd that the wrestling booth is drawing. With all of this attention to the almonds, the firefighter booth is catching some eyes and selling more than the booth would without the wrestler’s booth.

As I continue to traverse down the congested street I see many more craft booths. Some of the booths are filled with hats, shirts, and an assortment of jewelry. Scents fill the air as well. The overwhelming scent of sauerkraut is very heavily in the air now. Sauerkraut hot dogs and bratwurst, as well as "kraut-burgers," which are hamburgers with sauerkraut on them, are being sold to help thicken the aroma.

As I draw closer to the heart of the festival I hear music playing in the distance. I become curious and begin to try and walk a little faster. I come to the corner, sit on the stairs leading from the local bank, and listen to the band playing on the stage set up in the bank parking lot. It is an all male band with female line dancers dancing in front of the stage. The band is wea...

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...estival because I am getting very annoyed at the people here. Once getting around all of the heavy traffic, I hear music again. I squeeze through the crowd, which is not moving at all, and the booths finally end. I find myself at a real traffic jam of cars, sitting on the road waiting at a red light, and one of the cars has its radio up quite loud. Then a police officer holds traffic and the massive group of people that I squeezed through all rushes across the road. I go with them and then return to my car.

The trip to the festival was great, but I am not big into crafts. I would have a much greater time at the festival if the crowd was not so big; this way I can take all of the time that I need, and not have to worry about stepping on someone or running into someone. I now appreciate all of the time that the village puts into the festival. They do a great job.

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