The Safety Of Bicycle Driving

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Bicycle sales have been flourishing in America and other European countries in recent years, with some justification being high gas prices and the unequivocal pollution that contributes toward global warming. Booming bike sales attracts more bikers to the road and for long hours, during night in enjoyable weather. Cycling at night can be extremely dangerous. It’s not a good idea to ride a bike at night, especially when it’s too dark. It’s safe to always travel on a well-lit road. But when riding on a dark road, taking precautions for his safety should be the first priority for a biker, such as wearing bright clothes with reflective vest and reflectors on the bike, flashlight on the front of the bike. But what if you don’t have a reflective vest? What if the battery of the flashlight dies? A multipurpose bike can come in handy. The mechanical motion of the pedal can help convert its motion to electrical energy which can provide the LED’s on the bicycle, limitless amount of energy to work till the bicycle is running.
When the gear of the dynamo is engaged, the generator wheel rolls against the chain wheel and the flywheel on the same shaft as the dynamo. The dynamo fit into the bracket welded near the back of the bike. The chain on the right is driven by the pedals, while an added chain on the left spins the motor. On the side that's driven by the pedals, a freewheel rotates the wheel when pedaling but allows it to keep spinning forward, without the chain moving. When pedaling backwards, on the left side of the wheel, a fixed cog spins in the direction of the chain whenever the wheel is turning. This motion produces electricity, and the greater the speed, the greater is the amount of electricity produced. The principle of energy c...

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...ess economic. This requires energy, which can completely neglect the ecological and environmental advantage of pedal power. Moreover, there can be an additional slight loss of power as the battery stands idle, without use and the charge efficiency of the battery would decrease over time.
The bicycle powered generator represents a climax of the engineering education. The results far exceed our expectations with a power source that could provide ample amounts of energy. The bicycle generator is capable of outputting about 1000 watts hour a day. Some design improvements for future production would include overcharging prevention in the charging of the appliance, i.e. controlling the amount of power induced during the mechanical process. Depending on the need of the power, the overall design could be changed to handle varying loads much more effectively, in the future.
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