The Role of Roman Women in Society

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The role of Roman women in society
From the founding of Ancient Rome to the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century the role of women changed immensely. The Romans preserved its foundation myth of Rome providing insight about its attitudes towards women, such as the Sabine women, who were said to have formed the ideals of the city with intelligence and courage intervening to save both families and keep peace.Then, as time passed, women used political circumstances change to gain free will and public influence . History is then left with the stories of famous Roman women who left their mark on the empire.
In the founding of the city, women had no personal autonomy. In its early laws each family was obligated to raise every male child born and one female. When the infant was born the father had the choice of accepting her into the family and be raised. If the child was rejected she was exposed to death, slavery, or adoption. this suggests women weren't valued. Should the infant be accepted she was strictly under the control of the father who held the of life and death over her .
About 509 bce the roman republic was established which was governed by male citizens. In the early republic patricians recorded laws that were beyond human whim. In These laws, called the twelve tables written in 450 bce, women's positions before the law resembled earlier customs. One law read that women's property or cases were presented by their paterfamilias . By the late republic many women weren't burdened by the laws of guardianship. Some used Rome's marriages laws to gain free wills. These marriages were served to bind families and alliances. These marriages led to many divorces because when political circumstances changed so did the partner....

... middle of paper ... fore to defend it.Women were expected to be brave in front of the dangers of expansion and share its benefits. When the expansion of the economy grew the women became wealthier helping their society. By the time of the empire, upper class women had applied a great influence

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