Trojan Horse and Trojan Virus

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Trojan Horse and Trojan Virus.

Today people know the “Trojan” or “Malware” as a computer virus. Trojan horses falsely show themselves as useful and valuable software to download from the Internet. People are fooled by the Trojan because it can describe itself as an application that can be useful on your computer, then people end up downloading them. But before that happens did you know that the Trojan itself is not dangerous at all it’s just a vessel for the other harmful applications to attach.

A Trojan horse virus can spread in numerous ways. The most commons are email, “other is by using chat software such as Microsoft Messenger and Skype.” (Are from, Tech Community) or by copying itself to other people by the email addresses in your computer. Many of Trojan virus have been developed to a remarkable degree of cleverness that some can fully control the victim computer, send a saved password from the victim to the sender of the Trojan Horse, or can allow to destroy and delete files from the victim computer. Meanwhile, a Remote Access Trojans is when the attacker can take full control of the victim computer, enable to access the victim files and access any personal data such as a passport number, credit card number, and the attacker can also secretly enter the main core of operating system and steal files or change settings. In shortly, when this program is active, the computer can be run by another user somewhere else. One of the ways in which information is transferred is by a log of the keyboard commands. The data is logged and sent out by Internet protocol. The remote user can then manipulate the system. “When the system is manipulated, the attacker will have a clone of your computer screen. What you received,...

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...each individuals software. And the Trojan War’s Trojan, the plan could blew up if the Troy decided to not bring the horse inside or if they know that the horse is a trap.

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