The Role of Children's Books in Education

From the time a child is born, the task of the parents and society is to educate that child. If a child has no learning they will not survive. Parents are responsible for give a child the learning that they need. Since no one parent or person can correctly show children all things and since children need some entertaining people have taken the opportunities to put together books and children's programs to aid in the education of the children.

From parent seminars, to books and movies, to even games consoles, children are not only being taught the basic concepts of the world, shapes, colors, language, but they are also being taught the norms and values of a particular society. This essay will look into what the children's materials of yesteryear and the ones of today are teaching the children that read, watch, or play with them. In this essay the investigation of the norms and values that are taught will be explored. All science realizes that books are great for children but sociology realizes that they needed to teach children great parts of social life. Children's books teach the norms, social rules of behavior, and the values, broad ideas regarding what is desirable to most of society, to children. These are taught to help the process of socialization,the process of social interaction that helps people develop the norms of society, but if these are going to set into the children they must go through internalization,the process in which people incorporate within them the standards of behavior prevalent within the larger society.1

The books and videos that are presented to children are for children's entertainment, but as people realize that children learn from everything they see and hear, these devices have become tools ...

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... to put in into their own mindsets. The ideas of teaching tolerance is great as long as it is referring to the toloerence of people and not of actions. The one problem with this teaching is the idea that there is no absolute truth of right and wrong.

Teaching kids to treat others with respect no matter the differences is great but not teaching children that they can do whatever they want. This is one of the problems that has risen in children's books. The teachings of these books do not tell kids to obey or to respect, instead they teach that children can make their own decisions. This essay shows that all of children's programs and materials are made with the intent on educating and socializing a child at some level. People need to be aware of what they are giving to their children and make sure that it lines up with the teachings they want for their touchline.

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