The Role Of Willy Loman In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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This line, shouted by Biff at his father in Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman, perfectly sums up Biff’s exasperation at his family’s lies, particularly those of the titular patriarch, Willy. Willy is falling apart because the only thing he has is his hopes and dreams. He creates these extremely specific ideas of success for him and his sons. When they do not, and can not, achieve these goals, he ignores the reality and continues to belief in his false hope. Biff is NOT going to be a football star. Willy is NOT well-liked and is NOT a good salesman. His seeds are NOT going to grow. My initial reaction to the play was that Willy Loman is a horrible man, overly pre-occupied with his own perceived masculinity and self-worth; a man who damages …show more content…

If they never told us anything, then they thought we would know nothing. But we always knew. We weren’t surprised when our parents told us they were getting divorced, we had know for months and months. Our father was coming home later and later, drunker and drunker. And his business trips were not to were he said they were. But we never talked about it, it was always easier to ignore the truth. Keep with the lie, keep with the hope.
My father has been married four times, three of which I’ve known about. The one before I was born I’m not supposed to know about, but my brother and I do, we just don’t talk about it.
My father had a girlfriend within two months of my parents divorce. He probably had her before then, we just found out two months after. My dad did not tell us, but we knew. That was until, sick of the lies, I brought it up to him. I will never forget the anger and fear in his eyes as we finally tore down the lies that had kept us safe for so long. The hope we kept in those lies was gone, faced with the grim reality of my father’s sadness.
I think my father is happier now. Now that he has admitted his sadness in some regard. Now that he has divorced my mother and moved back to the village. Maybe he will start writing again, find his true

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