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What does the term “American Family” connote? When referred to as “traditional”, it pertains to the idea of the nuclear family structure, with a family that consists of married, heterosexual, usually Caucasian, parents, and their children, who all live together under the same roof. In comparison, the idea of the “modern family” encompasses a greater range of lifestyles, such as LGBT and interracial relationships, and the term is reflective of the increasing divorce rate, as well as the increase in children born out of wedlock. In 2016, the modern family is more prevalent in America than ever before, and this has prompted some to ask if the American family is in decline. As a child raised in a modern family, I do not believe that the American family is in decline, instead, I believe that the rise of the modern family is a result of a shift in the desires and needs of American culture. My parents never married, and split up when I was 9 months old. By the time I was 4, both would be…show more content…
To say that a cookie-cutter ideal for an American family ever existed is ignoring the struggles of many different groups and sub-cultures in America. America is a land of immigrants and host to a great wealth of diversity, each with their own perceptions and opinions of family culture. The U.S. Census Bureau describes a family as, “a group of two people or more (one of whom is the householder) related by birth, marriage, or adoption and residing together”. This definition encompasses numerous forms of family structures that have existed in America for many years and will continue to exist. However, now the difference is that America is become more and more progressive and inclusive of all people, such as LGBT and racial minorities, as exhibited in the U.S. Census’ reporting of the growth in houses owned by minorities. America is ever expanding to welcome new and diverse
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