The Role Of Ophelia In Hamlet

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In William Shakespeare 's play, Hamlet is defined as a tragedy of revenge. Whose leading motive is to seek out vengeance for his father 's murder. The ghost of Hamlet’s father tells him two things: Not to kill his mother and to seek revenge on his father 's brother Claudius. He has multiple opportunities to seek his revenge however he is hesitant about his decision. Despite that Hamlet 's rejection of women because of his mother 's misdoings leads to Ophelia’s death. Hamlets implicit duty is to kill Claudius for the sake of his father (Prosser). Hamlet could be considered a hero to some or an anti hero nonetheless leading to the death of everyone and the avenger himself makes Hamlet a tragedy of revenge.
During the elizabethan time period
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In Guilfoyle’s,“The role of Ophelia in Hamlet”, the beginning of their relationship seemed contradictory. Polonius, her father and brother Laertes warned that Hamlet’s wooing may not be very honorable and warned her to stay away. Laertes say’s, “Forward, not permanent, sweet not lasting, The perfume and suppliance of a minute; No more”(1.3.9). Ophelia does as they ask because she is obedient. In Act II she is taunted during the play by Hamlet and is insisted that she be put in a nunnery. Ophelia is forgiven of all her sins because her close relationship with God. She is so pure that she holds account for all the sins of others. Hamlet is aware that she is helping her father spy on him. Likewise that his mother, Gertrude attempted incest, adultery, and is involved in the murder of her husband, Hamlet is bound to reject women(Guilfoyles). Ophelia always listened to her father, brother, and everyone else except herself. Thus ending in her death, which doesn’t seem so accidental to her family. They made it seem like she could not have saved herself. Gertrude explains the scene after Ophelia drown as “mermaid-like” and “As one incapable of her own distress, Or like a creature native-”(A5.S5.L193). Laertes and Polonius blame Hamlet for Ophelia 's…show more content…
Hamlet is unaware that he is being attacked at many directions. The King poisons his cup he planned to cheers to Hamlet as he drank the poison but Hamlet refused. The Queen has no clue what is about to happen. She must be thinking “this is non-sense” and drinks from the cup. Then the King say’s aside, “It is the poison 'd cup; it is too late”(5.2.272). His plot turns on him, killing his own wife. Laertes poisoned his sword before the battle knowing the slightest cut would still kill Hamlet. Unaware that they switched swords during the fight Hamlet daggers Laertes, killing him. Laertes reveals the King is guilty, “Never to rise again: thy mother’s poison’d: I can no more:-the king, the king’s to blame”(5.2.303). Hamlet replies, “The point of envenomed too!- Then venom to thy work”(5.2.305). Then stabs the
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