The Road to Oblivion

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The abrupt shift in position on the soft, jelly like mattress didn’t shake her awake causing her to sit on the bed with eyes fixated on the maroon looking wall. It also wasn’t the sound of the dog, Sebastian, which erupted into loud huff like barking at the foot of her bed, while his unshapely nails clawed on the hard wood floor underneath in an erratic fashion. A normal person heavy eyes would have fluttered open if it was they who had a huge ball in their stomach that created gas bubbles that escaped from their lips during all times at night, but that didn’t seem to have phased her. What has her startled and baffled at two am in the morning? The cool stiff breeze that was escaping through the crack of the closed blue door, which she dreaded to look at but was forced to paint, looked like grayish tint under the dark light, tightened the pores on her skin, making it unbearably itchy. It was her well-tended nails that left long red stripes on her skin that woke her up all at once, almost giving herself a whiplash as she sat startled in bed searching through the room and then finally resting her eyes out in front of her. Another cool gust of wind invaded through her personal space, which gave her an unpleasant feeling of nostalgia of a broken down office building in one of those claustrophobic neighborhoods in the rat, and cockroach infested districts in the Bronx, that had much to do with the growing bump that increased in diameter every second a word was uttered. Initially, she was very intrigued with the poetry of the exterior of the building, if she titled her head to the side and squinted her eyes it would have appeared to look like a wealthy brownstone, fit for the life of an aristocrat that she became so use to for the... ... middle of paper ... ...ll, looking up to him. His face broke out in to a hearty grin that spread across his face that made him look almost like that sweet boy she met in college eighteen before. “Give the baby a drink,” he sang as he handed the bottled to her. “Give the damn baby everything I got, everything we got.” He looked at her with a crooked smile and then turned from her streaking down the block to nowhere she could distinguish. He wobbled like a pregnant person down the street going nowhere. Almost being hit by a car while going nowhere. His flabby buttocks jiggled following him to nowhere. She sat there on the hard pavement with the bottle in her hand with red wine trailing down from the side staining her coat as she sat in the company of a smelly homeless man who cared less about her, while she watched her naked husband running in oblivion to nowhere.
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