The Road of Life Taken by Robert Frost

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Life is not about finding yourself. It is about creating you. Just ask Robert Frost, no one believed he would become a famous poet, yet in modern days he remains one of the most celebrated American poets of all time. Robert Frost began a new era in the poetry world. Robert Frost’s spectacular poetry frequently metaphors about how nature relates to life’s hard decisions. On March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California, an extraordinary poet was born to William and Isabelle Frost. Two years later the couple gave birth to Robert’s younger sister, Jeanie. Throughout Robert and Jeanie’s childhood, their father had a frightful outlook on life, due to his alcohol abuse. (Deep Woods: The Story of Robert Frost: Page 21) At age eleven, Robert lost his father from the deadly disease of tuberculosis. After the death of William Frost, the family moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts. While living in Massachusetts, Robert befriended Charley Peabody who took Frost on adventures in the woods. Many of Robert’s poetry inspirations come from these memories. (Deep Woods: the Story of Robert Frost: Page 28) ...
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