Robert Frost Writes About Nature

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Robert Frost Writes About Nature?
When talking about poetry, most people have herd, or been familiar with the name Robert Frost. Even I, who haven 't studied much poetry until now have herd of his name. Robert Frost and his poems had caught my attention when researching poets. Reading his poems automatically made me think of him as a natural poet, because most of them had so much nature involved in them. When reading these poems, I found that most of them have some sort of nature in the writing. I have realized that Frost is not a nature poet as much as I once thought he was after watching "Voices and Vision Spotlight" and hearing Frost 's opinion on being a nature poet. Robert Frost does not consider himself a nature poet and we can see this through some of his poems, “Mowing,” “After Apple Picking,” and “The Road Not Taken.”
Robert Frost and his wife decided in 1912 to sell their farm house in New Hampshire and move to England, where Frost wrote his first two books of poems. Frost was originally from San Francisco where he grew up and spent most of his childhood. Although a lot of his writing have natural parts in them, Frost doesn’t consider himself as a nature poet. “I’ve only written two poems without people in ‘em. Does that make me a nature poet? Well, I don 't think so” (Frost Interview). This shows Frost 's opinion about him being considered a nature poet. Most people consider Frost as a nature poet, but looking deeper into his work then just reading it, one can argue that he is not. When looking at Frost 's work we see that although a lot of it involves nature in it, it also involves a person, a person that is admiring, working, or using nature. When analyzing his writing, Frost uses nature to show deeper in depth lesson...

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...ert Frost 's poems, I now see his poems in a different perspective. I once thought as many do, that Frost 's poems where about nature but now I know that Frost 's true intention was of “taking life by the throat” (Frost Interview). While others consider him as a nature poet, Frost doesn’t believe himself as one and we can see his perspective in his poems but especially in “Mowing,” “After Apple-Picking,” and “The Road Not Taken.” Frost actually uses nature as an analogy to human life experiences or the troubles that people go through. He reflects these poems back to his personal life and the struggles he has been through also. After researching and reading about Robert Frost I have became very fond his work and enjoy looking deeper into his work trying to picture what he truly meant. While Frost uses a simple idea like nature, he relates it back to human nature.
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