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Pulitzer Prize winner, United States Poet Laureate, and Congressional Gold Medalist- all accomplishments and awards won by the legendary twentieth century poet, Robert Frost. Born on March 26, 1874 he was raised in San Francisco where he lived with William Prescott Frost (father), Isabelle Moodie (mother), and Jeanie (sister). William Prescott was a journalist, teacher, and editor until he died of tuberculosis when Frost was only eleven years old. Following his father’s death, Frost, his mother and his sister moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts where he showed great interest in reading, writing, and science. Although he never earned a formal college degree, he attended both Dartmouth College and Harvard University shortly before marrying his high sweetheart Elinor White. His wife’s pregnancy and an illness in the family caused Frost to drop out of college. Still living in New Hampshire, Frost tried being a teacher, a cobbler, an editor, and a farmer to support his children and wife. Frost had two children; Eliot (born in 1896), and Lesley (born in 1897 and who later suffered from mental illness). In 1900 Frost was diagnosed with tuberculosis and moved his poultry farm to Derry, New Hampshire. Within two years, his son and his daughter died. In 1912, after failing in farming and suffering anxiety from none of his work being published, Frost and his family moved to a farm in England where he began to write more seriously. Here, he met and was influenced by British poets like Edward Thomas, Rupert Brooke, and Ezra Pound. Frost returned to the United States after finishing two full-length collections in 1915 just as World War I began. After returning to New Hampshire, Frost dedicated the rest of his life to his writing, poetry, teachings...

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...dsworth, Frost coined the idea of “the sound of sense” in two letters he had written when his first books was published. The task of his style is to create a familiar mood to his audience.
After learning about Robert Frost personally, I can understand his inspiration and appreciate the meaning behind his poetry. Following his technique throughout his pieces, it’s clear that his origin and relationships greatly influenced his style and the themes portrayed in his poetry. From landscape, to human nature, Frost creates everlasting feelings within his audience that by the enable them to learn a hidden message. Also, his common New England lingo and conversational speech, personalize the poem. From late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century, Robert Frost has shared his works with the entire world and his influence and impact on today’s society will never be forgotten.
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