The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic

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The roman republic came into existence at the termination of the Roman kingship in 507 B.C.E. The last king of Rome, Tarquin the Proud, was expelled by Collatinus and Brutus, as a result of his arrogance involving the matter of one of his relations raping the wholesome Roman matron Lucretia and her subsequent suicide. The rape of Lucretia was really a representation of the frustration that the roman citizens felt regarding the kingship. The later kings had little regard for roman values and the roman populus, which they used as something of a slave labor force. Brutus and Collatinus became the first Roman Consuls, elected by popular vote. This new political ordering was the republic. The Greek historian Polybius defines the republic as having three basic parts. The consuls, who were elected by the people, also had to be approved by the senate. The senate, which was made up of patricians. Lastly, the people (roman citizens) who held the ultimate power, as they were the ones who voted. In this manner it was guaranteed that the government must always work in a symbiotic re...
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