The Rights Violation Of Human Rights

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Before the Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, people had no names for the inalienable rights of human beings as a whole, therefore there was no way to violate them. They were only assembled as a document in 1948, and although the document had good intentions, it often did not stop governments from doing what they pleased. Cases of these crimes against human rights include; the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, Japanese internment camps, slave trade, the Soviet incursion against the Prague Spring, overthrowing the government in Chile, the Pakistani rape and murder of Bangladeshi women and men, and the attacks against civilians in Vietnam. An example of an enormous human rights violation would be the Armenian Genocide from 1915-1918, when the Turkish government decided that they were no longer going to tolerate the Armenian Christians living in their country. The systematic attempt at the extermination of a whole religious group is definitely in violation of human rights. There would also be the violation of rights in the Japanese internment camps in the United States...

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