The Revolution Of The American Revolution

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Before 1775, the American Revolution war began and it was between Great Britain and the thirteen colonies because the colonies wanted freedom from Great Britain. The Revolutionary was to create to individual rights for the colonists. The leaders of the American Revolution are a loose confederation, which they believed that a government is to protect individual rights of the people, was only possible in small republics. Numerous troops died during the war because they wanted to have freedom and to not have to be controlled by Britain anymore. After the American Revolutionary war, the Articles of Confederation was established to have peace with Great Britain. The Articles of Confederation, which was the first Americans national government, that was supposed to protect the people from Great Britain controlling them and to have freedom. The confederations lead to a downfall because the government is weak and didn’t have any power. Because of the weak government, the founding fathers, which are seven smart and rich men, changed the world by signing the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The founding fathers made a significant impact by signing the document, so that everyone would have the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The framers explained the term “securing the blessings of liberty,” to criticize the first government because it didn’t pass anything due to being weak, and because they didn’t trust the government. The founding fathers created the republican constitution to have a steady government and to secure the blessing of liberty by having numerous sections on specific problems. The constitutional system includes the belief in democrat and freedom, individualism, federalism, and a limited government. Fir... ... middle of paper ... ...their purpose wasn’t to protect American’s rights, but to protect their interest in political science. Not everyone will agree to what the Framers are doing because there is people have different opinions. All in all, the Framers made America great because of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Their main goal was to secure the blessings of liberty by creating the articles to criticize the government because it was weak and to create a limited government. The Framers made America a limited government by creating sections in the Constitution. The Article of Confederation didn’t help America because it could pass laws. They had a weak government because they interfered with private property and individual rights rather than to protect them. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights protect American’s freedom and rights by having a limited government.
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