The Relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

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In this essay I will discuss the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. I will explain how their relationship is different to traditional relationships of the time. At the time, Jacobean people believed that the men were stronger then the woman. They believed that, when married, the husband would be in control and the wife would have no choice but to do what their husband asked. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s relationship was every different.

Macbeth was written between 1606 and 1611 by William Shakespeare. It is about a Scottish nobleman, Macbeth, who is told a fortune by three Witches who tell him that he will be king. When he tells his wife, Lady Macbeth they plot, and murder King Duncan. Macbeth then became king, as was for told. But it is not what he thought it would be. The main themes of the play are, murder and lies, consequence, power and control, and the tragic hero. I will be referring to Act 1 Scenes 5 and 7.

Act 1 Scene 5 starts with Lady Macbeth reading a letter she has received from Macbeth. Even before she has read the letter the audience will be shocked and surprised, because at the time it was very unusual that Macbeth, the husband, would write to his wife. This shows how much he loves her. When Macbeth writes “my dearest partner of greatness.” He is showing that he respects and loves her. He is also treating her like an equal, which, at the time was frowned upon. No husband thought of his wife as an equal, and audience, at the time, would not expect, or like this.

Lady Macbeth’s reaction to this letter will be even more shocking to the audience. “I fear thy nature is too full o’th’milk of human kindness.” When Lady Macbeth says this she is showing her strength and determination. She is saying that she be...

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But while Lady Macbeth is showing her true strength, Macbeth is showing his true weakness. He does not act like a Jacobean husband should. He had an argument with his wife which he did not win and then he let her walk all over him to get her own way, he even allowed her to call him a coward.

In conclusion, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have a very unusual relationship for a Jacobean couple. Lady Macbeth does not behave as a lady of that time and instead acts like the husband by taking charge and always getting her own way. Macbeth does not behave as the usual husband as he is not powerful enough within the relationship and allows Lady Macbeth to have her own way. The play is greatly affected by this relationship because if Macbeth had stood his ground about not murdering Duncan then the play would have had a happy ending, with the Macbeths alive and in love.
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