The Relationship Between Will and the Psychologist in Good Will Hunting

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This paper will discuss the relationship between Will Hunting and the psychologist Sean Mcguire in the movie Good Will Hunting. The struggles that occur between these main characters will be analyzed and their meanings found. A basic outline of the movie will be included to give the larger picture and its influence upon the two men.

An Analysis of the Movie ?Good Will Hunting? and the Main Characters Will Hunting and Sean Mcguire


1. Description of the Movie

a. Setting of the movie

b. Introduction of the main characters

2. The Main Characters and their problem

a. Will Huntings Problem and Sean?s intervention.

b. Development of the problem and their solutions

3. The final development of the Characters

a. A solution is found between the two characters

b. Resolution is made and the ending of movie

Good Will Hunting is the Miramax movie written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, and directed by Gus Van Sant. Starring the two Academy Award winning writers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, plus Academy Award winning actor Robin Williams, Academy Award nominee Minnie Driver, and Stellen Skarsgard the movie went on to be nominated for 9 Academy Awards and win two The movie is based around the life of Will Hunting (Matt Damon), who is a troubled orphan growing in the slums of South Boston, referred to as "Southie". A reviewer noted on the personal relationship between Affleck and Damon, based on having truly raised in South Boston: 'A good example of this is a brief transaction early in the film in which Affleck buys a hamburger for one of his moocher buddies. When the kid says he only has 16 cents, Affleck holds on to the burger, telling him that he can pay a few cents a week and put the sandwich on layaway. After some angry yelling, Affleck eventually gives in (as you're sure he always does) and forks the hamburger over. This innocuous little exchange speaks volumes about these two guys and their past history, and is funny to boot. It's honest and graceful.' (CNN Website)

Will is a genius of unprecedented standards, but is never discovered until a MIT professor, Gerald Lambeau (Stellen Skarsgard) sees Hunting, who is a janitor, solve a complicated math equation that had taken him, a Fields Medal winner, over two years to solve. Hunting solved it on a single night.

Hunting, who holds past grudges, gets in a fight with his three best...

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..., the character is saved from the mean streets of Boston to pursue this talent and live a life with some knowledge of living it and not just memorizing it. With intervention of Limbaeu, Will meets Sean Mcguire and the two are connected through the geography that they were both raised. Sean brilliantly leads the young genius through the different avenues of feeling, that he is so blind too and there is a break though for Will, in that he can start to live outside of the book and truly see the big picture of life. This ?big picture? is merely learning how to love. Though Sean is a master at learning from books, he has little understanding on how things work in actual experience. Sean teaches him to understand what is an ideal and what is experience and therefore gives him the proper balance to survive in a world that had treated Sean so badly. The end of the story ends with Chuckie, not showing up to pick him up for work, which meant that he, in a way sacrificed himself to let his friend escape South Boston, and Will takes off to California to reunite with Sklark, whom he had pushed away. Sean gets a letter from Will saying ?thank you? and the resolution of the story is complete.