The Relationship Between Video Games And Violence

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Since the creation of video games blame has befallen them for violence. Some video games portray extreme violence, but video games come in a wide variety of genres. Genres of video games can range from innocent children games to violent adults only games. One of the most popular genre ,violent action games, allows people to do things that they can not in society. The playing of violent video games often represents a factor in motivating shockingly violent youth crimes such as high school shootings in the US. People use video games as a scape goat when it comes to violence. Violent literature, television shows, and movies existed long before violent video games. Video games allow people to satisfy their urge to do wrong, but in no way do video games encourage or influence violence.

Few violent video games exist compared to the total amount of video games that exist. Due to this fact less of a chance exists that people will become kind because of video games then the chance of people becoming violent because of video games. The argument that peaceful video
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Almost every household contains a video game system, and cell phones also provide a video game platform. When someone commits a violent act it abides to the connection between video games and violence because the odds remain extremely strong that the person owns a video game system. The entire argument of video games causing violence invalidates itself due to video game systems ownership by nearly everyone in recent times. "Killing Non-Human Animals In Video Games: A Study On User Experience And Desensitization To Violence Aspects" explains an experiment conducted to test the link between violence and video games. The experiment uses Whac-A-Mole to measure desensitization to violence. In the end the experiment concludes that playing Whac-A-Mole desensitizes people to violence, but does not make people
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