The Reason Judy Blume´s Blubber was Banned from Schools

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Censorship is the practice of examining books, movies and other things and suppressing unacceptable parts. When books are banned it’s because it satisfies the needs of the higher power to be in control. If the children don’t read the book then they won’t learn about it. Schools think that they should shelter kids away from real life things just because there bad. Blubber is banned because of the vulgar language and bullying. In the book all the girls in the class pick on a fat girl and call her mean names and never get punished, they also curse and are disrespectful. Blubber is written by Judy Blume who let her kids read anything because she felt it was right for them to know about real world things no matter what age and no matter what context. This is probably why most of her books come off as inappropriate to most people. Judy Blume’s Blubber is banned in some schools and libraries because the bullies prevail and it doesn’t teach good morals, and despite the literary merit it has, it should continue to be banned because of vulgar language, and harassment. Blubber is banned in schools and libraries mainly because the bullies prevail in the end of the book. Maynard shows his opinion by stating, “Blubber, where the kids’ horrible cruelty to the fat girl s never punished, Judy Blume raises questions without solving them.” (Maynard 8). Based on his opinion Judy Blume talks about problems in her books and never answers them properly. The reader will go on through the whole book and read about bullying and how it is bad but in the end find that it’s okay and not punishable. An example from the book that shows a bully prevailing is shown when the teacher asks, “Whose apple is this? It’s mine Linda answered even t... ... middle of paper ... ...g anything. Kids need to learn that this is not okay and they need to take actions when someone is getting treated this brutally. Overall Blubber should continue to be banned do to the excessiveness of bullying and awful language. There is some literary merit to the book but that doesn't overrule all of the bad parts. When a student reads this book the majority of the feedback will be in agreement with my thesis. After studying a little bit into banned books and censorship I learned that it takes a lot to ban a book anywhere. Trying to get a majority of people to ban a book will take a while, and if the book does eventually gets banned the supervisor can know that the book had to have a lot of bad aspects to it. After reading the book personally I felt as if there was no way that this book could be acceptable to any student from middle school to high school.

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