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In old times, censorships’ definition was to suppress or restrict any kind of books, articles, journals, art, even speeches and any other forms of expression that were believed to go against religious, political, moral and social beliefs usually held by powerful leading groups, such as governments, businesses and churches. Our society has thankfully evolved since those times and censorship now is used not to prohibit, but to supervise and narrow specific contents that may not be necessary or appropriate to some groups or places, within the guidelines of our law. Censorship in a way is necessary mostly in our schools, not to control and restrict the learning environment, but to make the information and ideas delivered to children more focused on important material that will give them knowledge for their future and shape their personalities and opinions.
The censoring of books and other literatures in schools by parents is a common thing, even in the United States, where the freedom within the law protects the educator’s judgment of their professional standards, meaning schools should be trusted to practice their rights to choose which materials may or may not be used in children’s learning environment. Schools already censor materials that are deemed not suitable for young students; school books should not be used to push ideological positions, they should be used to teach children the truth and expose them to ideas that will expand their knowledge, not by influencing them, but by making them understand.
The principles behind censorship are genuine: parents want to protect their children, and that is a natural instinct. Parents think is it necessary to shield children from subjects that involve societal issues, racism, religion...

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...by the school board and library, as well as teachers that have their overall judgment on what can be appropriate, interesting, engaging and useful for the students, and that controversial issues are not something to be afraid of, but instead, a useful learning tool that will prepare children not only for college, but for life as well. Students are a lot more mature than they are given credit for, and when a material that involves subjects such as language or violence is introduced well to a class by the teacher, the class will be interested and motivated to discuss maturely, and not be impressed by the subject or start acting out of influence by it. If we ban every book that deals with considered “explicit,” or “uncomfortable” content, then we are denying students a great opportunity of being informed on real issues, and forming their own ideas of right and wrong.

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