The Realistic Approach to Abortion

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Abortion is an ancient procedure, though the modern abortions we know today are fairly recent. Abortions trace back thousands of years, and were induced using various herbs and practices. The first recorded method was a plant-fiber tampon covered with honey and crushed dates. Another ancient method was the plant silphium, which was so effective it was gathered to extinction. Pennyroyal, an herb still used today (though not safely), induces a miscarriage or abortion. The banning of abortion is also a very old. Different cultures and civilizations have forbidden abortion on and off for centuries. But despite being such an age-old procedure, people today still are ill-informed about the truth about abortion. Searching “abortion” on the internet will lead one to endless sites depicting slaughtered babies and tales of abortion doctors murdering month old infants. It is today’s media that fills people’s heads with false stories and having them believe these extreme cases apply to every abortion performed. But if someone takes the time to learn the truth about safe, modern abortions, they might begin to see that abortion should be an option for women of all ages in certain situations. Three of ten women will have one abortion by the time they are forty five. Over half of the women in the U.S. are against most or all forms of abortion. And the main reason being is: Abortion is murder. Or, for the majority American women, they believe it is. Pro-life and pro-choice people alike ask themselves the question: where does life begin? But the important question is, when is it painless for the fetus and a good choice for the mother? Pro-choice women and men usually see a fetus as a child—what is inside the mother is in fact a living creature. But... ... middle of paper ... ... society. Abortion is a very touchy subject for many people. Dealing with another living creature and its death brings about some very strong opinions, as does a mother’s own choice being restricted. The two sides, pro-choice and pro-life, will never truly reach a simple agreement. But through teaching the truth and finding a middle ground, both sides can prosper. Abortion is a very personal, private decision for a mother, and should not be decided by other people for her. While abortions after the third trimester are dangerous for the mom and painful for the baby, early abortions are safe and painless. Abortion in the first trimester should be an option for women of all ages, and later abortions should be available for women in extreme situations. Every woman deserves that choice: to take control of her body and make an educated decision. Works Cited About. com
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