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The Real World or the Fake World

Real World or Fake World? Science Fiction not only deals with science in todays world, but also with science in the future. In the futuristic novel Snow Crash, by Neal Stevenson, and in the movie The Matrix computers become a huge part of the future society. Even though technology advances so much in futuristic societies, these futuristic societies still share some of the same aspects of todays world. Snow Crash and The Matrix express what life in the future might become. Both the novel and the movie have similarities and differences. Snow Crash is a novel dealing with the near future.

Even though the characters live on the west coast of the Americas, the whole world has been destroyed by humans. In …show more content…

The two different worlds are both associated with the future in the novel Snow Crash and also in the movie The Matrix. There are also dangers presented in both of these futuristic works. In the movie The Matrix there is a danger of the conscious human beings entering the matrix. They can die while they are plugged into the matrix since their mind and soul dies and there is nothing left to control their physical bodies. Because of this when they are in the matrix they always have the chance of getting killed, but they do it anyway. They take the risk because they feel the need to get into the matrix. They feel they have responsibilities to free the people of the matrix so they will be able to also live in the real world and be concious of what is going on. In the novel the peoples motive is a little bit different. The characters are fully aware of where they are and feel the need to help the people by getting rid of this new drug, snow crash. If something unexpected happens in the metaverse they just get disconnected. The effect of the drug snow crash can be related to the real lives of the people in The Matrix. Snow crash is a drug that ruins a person in the metaverse as well as outside of the metaverse. The drug paralizes the body and scrambles up the character in the metaverse. The body is still there but the mind cannot function properly anymore. This can be related to the way …show more content…

Hiro is for the hero in the story and Neo is for new. Hiro tries to save the day when he researches the new drug snow crash. He also is a swordfighter who made up his own rules in the black sun and a pizza guy who works for the mafia. Since Hiro is a master coder he helps to create the metaverse. This gives him an advantage because he is able to understand the metaverse, especially the Black Sun where he spent most of his time. The fact that Neo does not know the difference between the two worlds is where Neo starts off with a disadvantage. In the beginning Neo is unable to understand and read the matrix. Neos special part in the movie as the main character is the ability he eventually develops to be able to read the code of the matrix. He is also a fighter like Hiro. He is able to defeat anyone because of this ability to read code that he develops. Unlike Hiro, Neo receives the title of being the chosen one. Neo represents the new life or the new hope that is created by him being the chosen one. Both of the main characters have curious minds, and they are quick learners which helps them adapt to their special roles. The second main character in the novel is YT and in the movie Trinity. Both of these characters are females. They support the main characters. YT is Hiros side kick or partner and Trinity is part of Neos support system and also a lover. They both believe in the main characters. YT risks her life

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