The Influence Of Jazz Music In The 1920's

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From powerful pieces capable of captivating an audience, to slow ballads able to soothe and mellow the listener, jazz is everywhere. Its sound is unique and recognizable, and is applicable in countless situations. It can fit any mood and adapt to the sound and tone that is desired. With its distinctly American roots there is a reason it is so popular and well known in the country. At one time there was an era where it first grew and dominated the music society. Nicknamed “The Jazz Era”, the 1920’s was a crazy and energetic time where jazz took the music industry by storm (Kallen 8). It was in this time period that the genre flourished in society and grew into the presence that it has today. I am certain at some point in your life you have heard…show more content…
I have played the music and appreciated the work of many artists myself. I listen to the genre in my free time and enjoy the sound. I have also read a large amount of credible books and sources on the music, and especially of the jazz era. It was in this time period that jazz really found itself and had a large presence during that decade. It is an important time period for anyone to learn about, and jazz played a large influence. The jazz of the 1920’s grew in popularity and was an immense part of society due to the instruments and sound, the artists, and the effects that it caused. To begin with, a major aspect of jazz that inspired its influence and growth was the instruments and sound that it…show more content…
The saxophone is another widely accepted jazz instrument and was used in the majority of the jazz bands during the 1920’s. It has a wide range of octaves that artists can manipulate, and because of its reed mouthpiece it is easier to articulate notes. This gives some tunes the distinct jazz vibe it is known for. Bands would also typically use different types of saxophones, often mixing alto and tenor saxophones in a set up to create more chords and for a desired sound. A jazz band was also not complete without percussion. Most songs took advantage of a drum kit, where artists could us the array of drums and cymbals to inflict the style or tempo that they intended. However this was not the only percussion instrument used. According to Kallen, tambourines, guiros, and shakers were also used to create a lot of the unique sounds and beats that jazz was known for (24). The instruments laid the building block that the popularity of jazz was built on. Another major reason the jazz sound was so popular and had the impact it had was because of the style and different forms that it took.The music has a very unique style in itself. According to Kallen, jazz can be
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