The Purpose Of Creation In John 1: 1-1

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Purpose, the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Each person at one time or another has asked themselves why do I exist. Intrinsically instilled in us exist an inner yearning to be used in a higher purpose. We all desire to live as productive citizens in the Kingdom of God by having a purpose in the world which we live. Even the O.T. character Adam yearned for more than just being alive. After God created Adam, he gifts Adam with an ability to name all His creation in Genesis 2:19-20. God discerned that Adam desired to have purpose. God understood that man needed a purpose greater than just living. People must have a vision or else they will perish. To receive your vision in Christ instills the greatest…show more content…
What was the Holy Spirit referring to when he influenced the author to write " in the beginning" in John 1:1-2 ? Theologians and Biblical Scholars associate “in the beginning” to the creation account in Gen 1:1-3. However, John 1-3 concentrate its subject matter to the incarnate Christ and his mission to the world, which Jesus would come to live and sacrifice his life for those who would believe. Furthermore, the book of John demonstrates the power, knowledge, and wisdom that accompanies your calling. Raymond Brown stated: ‘If the Gospel begins with “In the beginning,” it is because the coming of Jesus will be presented as a new and definitive creation.” When we look at Gen 1:1-3 and John 1:1-2 it is easy to define similar themes in both. Gen 1:1-3 speaks to a time concerning the beginning of humanity and the world in which humanity lives. A testament to the strengths and failures of His greatest creation and the glory, power, and mercy of a true living God. A moment in eternity that will distinguish God as a creator, Lord, and Savior to his people. An era defining the frailty of humanity and it 's need for something greater than the created. John 1-3 wrote about the father, his Logos and the Logos as the acting force behind creation as well as a savior for the world. He wrote about of the origin of the Logos and his impact on the those who would listen and hear. John was trained from his youth to fulfill his calling to the father as a witness to the coming King. furthermore, John as child was taught about how God created the world and it inhabitants. It is easy to understand John’s knowledge of creation and why he would utilize this knowledge to explain Christ origins. The book of John brings to light the origin of the life of man (John 1:5). The Holy Spirit led the writer to see that both Genesis and John referred to the creative power of the father, his plan for Man, and
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