The Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing

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Throughout the years students have dreaded one thing their entire school career, that one thing is standardized testing. Instead of focusing on classes at school, students are constantly worried about the pressure of applications and the strain that comes along with standardized testing. This kind of testing induces much unneeded stress that may generate the student to do poorly on the standardized test. Many educators argue that standardized testing is an accurate way of testing students in the sense that it can compare students for college and that it provides fast results of the students’ knowledge. On the other hand, standardized testing is viewed as an inaccurate way to measure the knowledge of students because it cannot portray and convey the many characteristics that could make them a good student.
Many people believe that standardized testing is the best way to measure student’s achievements effectively because it provides the colleges with accurate achievements from the students. The way this is measure is through either of these Standardized Tests; SAT [Scholastic Aptitude Test] and ACT [American College Testing]. These tests provide the colleges with the grades that the high school students are predicted the success while attending there university. (source 4) In some research show that, standardized tests are a great way to measure a student’s knowledge and skills because they are comprehensive, open-minded, and effective. (source 5 pg1) In one way to show that they are effective, a study was done by John Bishop of Cornell University, showed that if students take their national standardized test they are shown to earn a higher grade or score on the international test rather than the countries that don’t require tests....

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...’t prone to be covered. Secondly, is Excessive Drilling, many teachers trying to raise their students scored by giving them non-stop practice with questions similar to those on upcoming accountability tests. Thirdly, is Modeled Dishonesty, after teachers being pressured to test scores that need to increase, teacher will be tempted to preform unethical practices while admiration or scoring of the test. Also giving students a reason to cheat because they think if the stakes are high it’s “ok” to cheat on the test.
In conclusion, standardized testing shouldn’t be a way to measure students’ knowledge through reasons like standardized tests do not measure student’s leadership, self-awareness, or class participation, or how multiple choice tests are not as effective as they might think.
Standardized testing should be measured through student’s leadership, self-awareness.
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