The Pros and Cons of LASIK Surgery

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Vision is the sense that let people have fun by seeing things and how other people look like so they can judge who is beautiful and who's not. Some people don't know how important vision is. Actually, I'm one of those people who didn't know how important vision was so I used my eyes pretty much and lost most of my eyesight. I used to watch TV everyday, play pc games and stay up late until I get tired. Now, I regret for what I?ve done to my eyes and hopes I can bring back my vision. What really bugs me about that is when my teacher asks me to answer or read something on the board, I can?t read it so students and the teacher think that I don?t know the answer. I used lots of things to help me see better such as, eye contact and glasses but didn?t work with me because I got dizzy every time I wore them, therefore, I looked for another way because I couldn?t live with that poor vision. One day, I?ve heard some people talking about a surgery that can help people see better which called LASIK. Many people rush to have the surgery because they just know about the advantages that they can get from it, however, they don?t know that the surgery can cause some problems and make their vision worse than it was.

You need to know how your eyes work and some important thing before you start reading about the eye surgery which is the LASIK. Have you ever wanted to know how the eyes work and why people have two eyes instead of one? The eyes like a wonderful kind of camera because they take pictures and pictures of any place you look at then send them to the brain. The brain starts working on those pictures from the moment you open your eyes until the moment you close them. And as to why we have two eyes, simply, we need two eyes because they provide us with stereo vision and depth perception. We can?t have that with just one eye. Have you known that your eyes work similar to your camera? When you look at something, the light passes through your lenses of your eyes and recorded on the back of your eyes which called the retina, it is like a movie screen which shows the picture you are seeing.

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