The Pros And Cons Of Working In A Bank

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My mentor, Kelly, didn’t get to go to college. At the time though, it was not a popular idea for women to go to college and degrees were not necessary to be considered for a job. So Kelly began working in the bank. She was a hard worker who went in every day, socialized with her clients and got the job done. She switched from bank to bank when they needed her to, and she enjoyed her job most of the time. “However, there is one major negative to working in a bank: there are many criminals. There are the clients that steal from the bank and the employees who steal from the bank--even those you think are your friends.” Throughout her experience there, she couldn’t understand how Maria--one of her best friends at the time--was receiving credit…show more content…
Kelly followed the rules, kept to herself and did her job, but it took her a year to get a promotion, while it only took Maria a matter of months. Although Kelly felt cheated by Maria, Maria did not influence Kelly to cheat. Instead, Kelly chose not to step on anyone’s toes, and just worked as much as she could to get her job done the best way that she could. However, it is only when you ignore the ending to a situation that the good guy finishes last. There are three types of thinking involved in this situation: end-based, care-based, and rule-based thinking. Although Kelly turned her back to rule-based thinking when she chose her friendship to Maria over the law, the stakeholders did not. Maria’s indictment took a long time, as the bank’s stakeholders--managers and the hierarchy above--were unaware of the situation. They forced angry and fearful employees who did not break any rules to wait impatiently, but in the end, made them happy that the law prevailed. Maria finally got the karma she deserved. Thinking about the situation in terms of care-based thinking, Kelly lost. Kelly chose loyalty over the truth. Maria was her good friend outside of work, and she couldn’t believe that Maria would do such a thing. But she convinced herself that it was only a few mistakes, and Maria would eventually stop. After all, the care-based motto is the golden…show more content…
At the time, my mentor was unaware if Maria would get caught, and if her career would ever progress. Maria lost her job and went to jail while Kelly progressed. The company’s stakeholders gained more respect and trust for my mentor, and her promotion meant a lot more to her. Her loyalty made the stakeholders more cautious about their future endeavors. They eventually entrusted the right people with more responsibility and implemented a different hiring strategy. By living in the moment, one acts on impulse and forgets what else may happen. “One decreases their confidence levels, and absolves into a mini depression.” It may take a while to get what you desire--whether karma toward someone or a success at a final goal-- but when that desire is fulfilled, one feels a great sense of confidence and appreciation. “Although Maria was a good person at heart, she deserved jail time. She needed to be punished for her wrongdoing: to herself and to her

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