The Pros And Cons Of Vaccination

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Immunization is the cornerstone of childhood disease prevention. Public health officials and Centers for Disease Control provide a recommended set of vaccinations for every child by the age of 6. The immunizations that are recommended will help a child grow a stronger immune system to prevent them from getting specific diseases and sicknesses. However, during the recent decade a huge controversy about child vaccinations has erupted. Last winter, 147 cases of the measles were spread across seven states plus Canada and Mexico. This outbreak developed in California’s Disneyland. If there were no measles vaccination, an estimated 4,000,000 cases of measles would arise. Before the vaccine appeared in 1963, nearly everyone got the measles during…show more content…
The number one concern with vaccinating children is that the vaccination itself will overwhelm a child’s immune system. As Mark H. Sawyer, M.D., professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine states, “I’m an infectious-disease specialist, but I don’t see infections in children after they’ve had all the routine vaccines at 2,4, and 6 months of age, which would happen if their immune system were overloaded.” Vaccines have been around for many years, and no cases of a vaccination overwhelming a child’s system have been noted. The ingredients that are in vaccinations are safe when given the correct amount according to major medical organizations including but not limited to: CDC, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Institute of Medicine (IOM), American Medical Association (AMA), and American Academy of Pediatrics…show more content…
UNICEF reported that, globally, 453,000 children die from rotavirus, 476,000 die from pneumococcus, 199,000 die from Hib, 195,000 die from pertussis, 118,000 die from measels, and 60,000 die from tetanus each year, all vaccine-preventable diseases.
Vaccinations are essential to making sure that children are the healthiest they can be. The decision to vaccinate your child could be a life or death decision, and statistics show that the risks in vaccinating children are very slim. Vaccines have helped families for generations, and they will continue to help everyone. When making the decision to vaccinate children or not, always take into consideration what it could mean for not only the child, but for the community as a whole.
Vaccination is important because it is not only helpful to the child getting vaccinated, but it is also vital to children that cannot get vaccinated due to biological/genetic reasons, and for young babies who cannot be vaccinated due to their age. In my opinion, the government should make vaccinations compulsory, and introduce disciplinary sanctions for those who refuse to vaccinate their children. At the same time, the option to vaccinate children should be more open to parents, and they should be able to control the procedure and be aware of the minimization of risk for

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