The Pros And Cons Of Vaccination

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he Benefits Outweigh the Risk
One of the greatest public health accomplishments in the 20th century was the vaccination, yet people are choosing to not use them. Because vaccination rates are dropping, children are losing their life to vaccine-preventable disease. There are many negative situations that a parent does not have control over in their child’s life, but parents are purposely putting their child in harms way by not vaccinating. If a parent chooses not to vaccinate a child, that is child neglect.
Child neglect is when a parent, guardian, or caretaker continually fails to give the child the best possible care. Not giving a child age appropriate care is neglect. If a parent fails to protect a child against unnecessary harm, or purposely
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Not vaccinating a child fits under all of these definitions for child neglect. Children’s vaccines have a timeline that is age based. The reason for this is to protect the child when they are most vulnerable and susceptible to the disease. The parent is not providing age appropriate care if they are not following that timeline. In 2008, the United States had the biggest measles

Gilbert 2 outbreak there had been in 10 years, and the reason behind this was unvaccinated children. These children could have been protected against this disease had they been vaccinated. The parents of these children failed to protect their children against unnecessary harm, and purposely exposed them to the harm of this disease, therefore; it was child neglect. Vaccination rates are dropping, and because of that, children are dying from childhood diseases that are vaccine-preventable.
Choosing not to vaccinate is failing to provide your child with the means for their physical well being. Under the Child Welfares definition of child neglect, they describe medical neglect as failing to provide medical or mental health treatment that is necessary. With today’s
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There are many different diseases that can be prevented by vaccines during childhood. Parents are putting their children in serious risk of harm by ignoring these vaccines, and that is child neglect.
According to the Vaccine Resistance Movement website, as long our child have clean water, sanitation methods, and an organic diet, there will not be any childhood disease. While these issues certainly have an effect on disease, they are not the only cause for them. This group also claims that vaccines do not, and never will, prevent disease. While vaccines do not completely prevent disease, they are as close as possible. There were 12.5 million cases of rubella in the 1960’s, but only 9 cases in 2004. The reason for this astounding decrease was the rubella vaccine. In 1979, Polio was declared eliminated in the United States, all thanks to its vaccine. As not vaccinating becomes more popular, so are anti-vaccination groups. A large issue with these groups is that they usually live in the same area. The area that anti-vaccinators live in are at a greater risk of an outbreak if only 10 out of 100 people refuse vaccines, because it

Gilbert 3 weakens the communities immunity; says the assistant professor of global health at
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