The Pros And Cons Of Social Work

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Social Work and Social Welfare are crucial to today 's society without social workers along with the help of social welfare programs, many necessities of america could not be met. this year over 6 million children will be reported as being abused. Each and every day the innocence of an adolescent is marred. whether that be physically, sexually, emotionally or even just being neglected. which brings america to the clear assumption that social workers are a necessity to promote safety to the children of America. As much as we want to close our eyes everyday and pretend this isn 't happening, the statistics are not a hidden phenomena. eighty percent of reported abuse show the parents as the perpetrators, and the truth in that percentage is beyond unnerving.A recent study shows that towards the end of 2012 somewhere close to 35.4 percent of Americans were receiving some…show more content…
many responsibilities come with the career choice of a social worker. one would not prosper without the ability to work easily with other people and the compassionate nature needed to succeed. there are many pros and cons to going into this field. During different cases the social worker of the case may receive much of the blame from the media of things completely out of the workers control. many people who grow up seeing themselves as a “people person” go into this field believing they will simply conversate with people all day when in reality the career is so much more. the impact that social workers have on others lives can be a large weight on the shoulders of those holding that type of power. social workers change the lives of so many people everyday yet many still say that even opening a position to such a career is absurd. these workers make themselves available as a companion to many kids when they see no other adult as an option. trust is something that is very sacred in the heart and mind of a child and this is of great

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