The Pros And Cons Of Public Relations

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Public relations professionals are strategic communicators. These professionals are often tasked with everything under the sun such as, managing the consumer and stakeholder’s perception of the company, writing press releases, manage a crisis situation, plan events, and work with the media. Within this field of work, there are various job titles with different job descriptions. The public relations panel provided a glimpse into the public relations world and provided useful information for entering the field. Colleen Dillaway is the director of sales and marketing for Bright House Networks. She oversees Bright House Networks’ sales, advertising, marketing, and public relations. The textbook refers to this as consume-focused marketing (IMC).…show more content…
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Public relations jobs exist at all levels of the government. Officer Rodriguez stated as a PIO he’s dealing with issues like, car crashes, officers not behaving themselves, major incidents, and doing the traffic report. Officer Rodriguez put a huge emphasis on the concept of treating others how you want to be treated and reputation. Officer Rodriguez stated, “It’s the little things that create a good influence, relationships, and reputation.” Public relations practitioners build and maintain relationships with their publics; their publics are resources to the organization that helps them fulfill their values- driven goals. This illustrates what the book refers as the resource dependency theory; the dependency theory helps explain values-driven public relations. If the goals are values-driven than the resources acquired from the publics brings the organization closer to fulfilling their values (Guth and Marsh, 2012, p. 89). Building relationships with the publics help secure the resources the organization needs to thrive. Officer Rodriguez stated if he declined to take a selfie with someone, then that can be portrayed as a bad reputation for the organization. Government public relations are intended to help an organization communicate with the

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